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Protected Areas

Scientific name: Strengthening of National Capacity and Grass Roots In–Situ Conservation for Sustainable Biodiversity Protection (known as the Protected Areas Project)

Funded by GTZ/IUCN


Environmentalists and NGOs joined efforts as of 1993 and submitted a project to the Global Environmental Facility for the management of three protected Areas, namely Al-Shouf Cedar nature Reserve, Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve and the Palm Islands Nature Reserve. Green Line was the only NGO who proposed to design and implement a GIS based Monitoring Program for the three protected areas.

Green Line also proposed to recommend to the project the hardware and software needed for this project in addition to holding GIS and GPS training courses for the project. In 1998, Green Line proposed to conduct a series of training workshops for Flora and Faunas Monitoring in Protected Areas.



  • Design and implement a monitoring programme primarily aimed at improving the management of the three reserves
  • Report problems with Fauna and Flora as they arise
  • Measure the level and impact of selected human activities in the protected areas
  • Prepare three sets of maps of the protected areas
  • Cooperate with the Management teams for the data entry into a PC based information system
  • Relate the socio-economic situation of the buffer zone to the project activities
  • Recommend GIS and GPS hardware and Software in addition to the purchase of Satellite and aerial imagery
  • Train the Management Teams and MoE personnel on the principles and methods of Flora and Fauna Monitoring and the use of GIS and GPS


  • Establishment of the first GIS unit for an NGO, based at the Green Line Locale capable of supporting technically biodiversity assessment studies. This unit is equipped with one rover and one base GPS units for differential measurements. This unit also provides support to the Protected Areas management teams and the Ministry of Environment.

Production of:

  • Flora Monitoring Manual 1
  • Flora Monitoring Manual 2 (1 booklet per reserve)
  • Fauna Monitoring Manual 1
  • Fauna Monitoring Manual 2
  • Map series for the three reserves
  • Maps for the Jezzine Quarries, Tannourine and Tyre Protected Areas

Organization of the following training workshops:

  • Introduction to Flora Monitoring in Protected Areas for Management teams and MoE personnel in 1998
  • Introductory GIS Training (ARC Info) for Green Line Team (1999) (by Khatib and Alami)
  • Introductory GIS Training (ARC View) for Reserve Management Teams, GL team and MoE personnel (1999) (by Khatib and Alami)
  • Specialized Flora Monitoring for each Protected Area, for management teams and MoE personnel (1999)
  • Introductory Fauna Monitoring training (1999)
  • First Advanced GIS training at Green Line for management teams and MoE personnel (2000)
  • Introduction to GPS management teams and MoE personnel (2000)
  • Second Advanced GIS training (including GPS hardware and software) in for management teams and MoE personnel (2001)

The project ended in 2002. Many other projects have emerged from this pilot project and based on the GIS facilities established at the Green Line locale, such as the Rihane Mountain area, Jezzine and Yammouneh.


  • Flora Monitoring Manual 1
  • Flora Monitoring Manual 2 (1 booklet per reserve)
  • Fauna Monitoring Manual 1
  • Fauna Monitoring Manual 2


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