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Environment Research

  • Natural Resources in Rihane Mountain areas

    Natural Resources in Rihane Mountain are

    Since 1997, Green Line has been actively involved in the Lebanese Protected Areas Project, which includes the Palm Island, Horsh... more...
  • From Integrated Crop Management to Organic Farming

    From Integrated Crop Management to Organ

    HISTORY: In 1993, when the Ministry of Agriculture distributed pesticides to combat Peacock Eye Leaf disease in olives orchids for... more...
  • Poultry Composting

    Poultry Composting

    Funded by GTZ HISTORY: Lebanese poultry industry causes much harm to the environment, such as the use of harmful chemicals... more...
  • Processionary Moth

    Processionary Moth

    HISTORY: By the end of 1999, and to consolidate national efforts to control the infestation of pine forests by the... more...
  • Moratorium on Hunting

    Moratorium on Hunting

    HISTORY: Moratorium on hunting is still in vigor. However compliance and law enforces only seldom crack down on illegal hunting.... more...
  • Protected Areas

    Protected Areas

    Scientific name: Strengthening of National Capacity and Grass Roots In–Situ Conservation for Sustainable Biodiversity Protection (known as the Protected Areas... more...
  • Toxic Waste

    Toxic Waste

    HISTORY: In 1994, Green Line sparked the investigation of the illegal import of toxic waste during the years of civil... more...