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Trade and Agriculture Campaign

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The Trade and Agriculture Campaign comes in continuity with the promotion of sustainable agriculture undertaken by the Green Line Association since its beginnings. The awareness campaign on the impact of trade agreements on agriculture and food sovereignty was initiated in result of the “Civil Society Workshop on Addressing the Impacts of Free Trade Agreements and GMOs on Food Sovereignty and Agriculture in West and Central Asia and North Africa ” which was organized by Green Line in December 2004. Farmers were the major targeted group of this awareness campaign, as it is essential that they have a better understanding of the impact of trade agreements on their livelihoods and form a nucleus that may lobby against such agreements.


* Raise awareness among the society on the impact of trade agreements on agriculture and food sovereignty and contribute to the formation of a lobby group. * Push for laws that prevent the import of genetically modified organisms ‘fit’ or meant for human and animal consumption * Push for laws that protect our natural resources and indigenous species from appropriation or genetic contamination


* Five awareness seminars on the impacts of free trade agreements and GMOs in different areas of Lebanon . Target groups consisted of farmers, NGOs, and students in agricultural schools and universities. ( Khiam Seminar – 2005) * Awareness material on the impact of free trade agreements and GMOs on agriculture and food sovereignty in Arabic. * Newspaper articles and press releases on the impacts of free trade agreements and GMOs on the Lebanese agriculture and farmers. * A knowledge base among farmers.   FUTURE PLANS :      * Undertake a scientific study to assess the presence of genetically modified crops in local markets * Network and collaborate with major farmer groups, NGOs, and institutions working on the issue of trade and GMOs in order to consolidate a lobby group * Pursue the awareness seminars in order to reach and hopefully mobilize more local groups and individuals * Further develop the media campaign


* Awareness leaflet: Impacts of Free Trade Agreement and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) on Agriculture and Food Sovereignty -in Arabic – pdf file:

Trade and agriculture booklet

* Fact sheet: Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement (GAFTA) – in Arabic

* Fact sheet: Terminator Seeds – in Arabic

* Fact sheet: Organic Farming – in Arabic – pdf file:

Certification of Organic Products

* Fact sheet: WTO, Farmers and Food Sovereignty – in Arabic

* Fact sheet: Fair Trade – in Arabic

* Fact sheet: WTO and GMOs – in Arabic

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