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Since its foundation, Green Line has dealt with many environmental concerns affecting every aspect of life. The different interests were grouped into four main areas to form Green Line four thematic areas:

- Education & Awareness

The Trade & Agriculture Project, The School Garden Project, The Circle of Health Project, and The Eco Tourism Project were all part of Green Line’s Education & Awareness Campaign.

- Environment Research

Since its establishment, Green Line have done more than 9 Environmental researches through out the years. One of the well known & most rapid research was the Oil spill assessment that was made by September 11, 2006, right after the Israeli war.

- Communication and Outreach

There is the Internal & External Communication. The Internal is where Green Liners meet mostly in working committees or during General Assemblies. The communication committee works hard to provide a space where Green Liners can meet and share purposefully time with each other or simply to socialize and know more the personal side of each other. Where as the External is done by the Communication Committee, which works on presenting Green Line’s campaigns to the Public Opinion through the participation in fairs, exhibits and festivals all around Lebanon.

- Advocacy and Empowerment

Advocacy and Empowerment have been the core Issue since Green Line have started in the 1991. Many Campaigns have been entitled under it, starting from the Illegal Sand Extraction Campaign to the Public Beach Campaign, The Solid Waste Management Campaign and now the Green Spaces and Sustainable Land Transport Campaigns.