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Sustainable Land Transport

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Project funded by Novib  in 2002

& by the Heinrich-Boell Foundation in 2003-2004


Since early 2001, Green Line and other NGOs have been lobbying members of the Lebanese parliament to enforce laws directed towards managing the land transport sector and decreasing the air pollution caused by motorized vehicles. This has resulted in the declaration of the Law 341/2001 which aims at reducing pollution and traffic problems. The partial implementation of this law triggered the initiation of the Sustainable Land Transport Campaign at Green Line that aims at lobbying for a National Land Transport Strategy based on Transport Demand Management.

Through this project, Green Line hopes to reduce air pollution and other environmental and socio-economic problems caused by the land transport sector.


The Sustainable Land Transport project has two dimensions namely political lobbying and social awareness. As a result of lobbying efforts, the parliament set a new timetable for the implementation of the law and so far, two sections (banning of cars and up to 24-seated buses with diesel engines) have been implemented.

After several revisions, the contract was signed and the workplan for the first year (2002) was submitted to Novib.

The work agenda for 2002 included:

  • Writing, production and dissemination of a study of the land transport sector.
  • Preparation and production of an informative kit
  • Preparation and production of promotional items such as stickers, T-shirts and posters.

In August 2002, the report entitled “National Land Transport Strategy Options for Lebanon ” was finalized, reviewed by professionals at Green Line and the American University of Beirut and printed in English and Arabic. The study aimed at putting in place an integrated National Land Transport Management Strategy (NLTS). This strategy adopts the principle of Transport Demand Management, which aims at reducing the number of circulating private vehicles, thus reducing their negative environmental and socio economic impacts. This report is being disseminated to members of involved ministries, professionals in the field and interested individuals.


* National Land Transport Strategy options for Lebanon – Download pdf file :

Land transport options

* On the Move without your car campaign – Visit website

Download pdf files :

Sustainable transport – AR

Sustainable transport – ENG

Sustainable transport campaign

* Sustainable Land Transport Fact Sheets – Download pdf ( English or Arabic) :

Sustainable Land Transport Facts – Arabic

Sustainable Land Transport Facts – Eng

Watch the Documentary produced in 2004 ” On the move without your car ” :


Watch  Al Jadeed TV – report 

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