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National Reforestation Network


In 1993, Green Line coordinated with 56 local grassroots NGOs from all over Lebanon and introduced the concept of bottom-to-up approach to work for the environment whereby NGOs contribute in the planning and implementation of such a strategy according to local needs. At that point, local need was mainly reforestation.


  • Planting 5 tree nurseries with 5 NGO in different locations of Lebanon
  • Planting more then 100,000 trees all over Lebanon
  • Introduced the concept of bottom-to-up approach
  • Introduced concept that the work for the environment is not restricted to officials and professionals
  • Took a leading role in the reforestation issue on a national level
  • Running, for Green Line, 3 nurseries in three different localities in Lebanon , with a total of 8000 seedlings a year. These include olives, cypress, pines, cedars and pistachio
  • In order to sensitize the people about the need for reforestation, Green Line chose to target the mass population through a series of lectures and interviews (including an interview with CNN)

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