Illegal Sand Extraction Campaign

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Since its establishment, Green Line considers coast preservation as a priority and is continuously following up and lobbying against any damage to the coastal and marine ecosystem. Advocacy campaigns started as early as 1991 addressing flagrant environmental crimes including the privatization of public maritime domains, dredging of coastal sand, and dumping of solid wastes, wastewater and toxic wastes into the sea.

Green Line considers the coast a public and environmental resource that should be protected from mankind’s constant mistreatment. In 2005 and after hard work, Green Line’s advocacy committee in collaboration with 17 other environmental NGOs was able to freeze illegal sand extraction in Jiyyeh and Nahr El Kalb.

The “Central Inspection” issued two decisions (Decision number 472/2005 and Decision number 353/2005) showing that illegal sand extraction activities were undergone in both Jiyyeh and Nahr El Kalb and transferred this file to the State Attorney. The NGOs that lobbied against illegal sand extractions met on a regular basis to follow up this issue.


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