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Yammouneh Biodiversity Conservation Project

  • Charcoal production (Yammouneh)
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Based on the experience gained through the protected areas project with the Ministry of Environment, Green Line was selected in 2001 by the World Bank to assist Dr. Ramy Zurayk from the American University of Beirut to conduct an assessment of natural resources in the Yammouneh region, North Lebanon .


  • The overall objective of this project, spanning over 6 months, was to develop a biodiversity conservation strategy through sustainable use of natural resources in Yammouneh. A team of 5 Green Liners conducted a taxonomic surveys (including fauna and flora), socio-economic surveys and produced, using GIS, a set of base maps of the region depicting all natural features, including core biological conservation area and nature conservation areas.
    This assessment and conservation strategy will be used to develop a Medium Sized Project for Biodiversity Conservation through Sustainable Use of Natural Resources at Yammouneh.

Download pdf report: Yammouneh Use of Natural resources – 2003

Solid Wastes Management

Funded By Novib HISTORY: Green Line's General Assembly defined the Solid Waste Management issue as priority for the programme due to the increasing problem at the national level and the failure of the government to put in place and implement a national solid waste management scheme. Green Line is currently coordinating and lobbying with more than 70...
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Children give 2 MPs a hard time on World Health Day

08 April 2003 Maha Al-Azar - Daily Star Elementary and intermediate school students proved to be a tough crowd for Beirut   MP Atef Majdalani and Zghorta MP Nayla Mouawad to deal with on Monday when   they were on the receiving end of previously prepared questions on the environment   and health issues. The question-and-answer session, organized by local environmental...
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