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Yearly Archives: 2001

The Daily Star: Environmental activists are fighting against all the odds

12 June 2001 Lana Captan Daily Star staff What do Lebanon 's environmental campaigners want for International           Environment Day next June? A lot more than they got this year. After           week-long celebrations to commemorate International Environment Day           and years of campaigning for the promulgation of basic legislation           to protect the environment, Lebanon 's environmental activists have           come...
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Daher’s committee snubs green meeting

08 June 2001 Maha Al-Azar Daily Star staff Parliament's Administration and Justice Committee on Thursday rebuffed           an attempt by MPs to address crucial green issues, failing to turn           up at a special session that had been called by the Environment Committee.           The Environment Committee had invited the Administration and Justice           Committee and other MPs to the meeting...
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From Integrated Crop Management to Organic Farming

HISTORY: In 1993, when the Ministry of Agriculture distributed pesticides to combat Peacock Eye Leaf disease in olives orchids for farmers in North Lebanon , Green Line accompanied this event through awareness campaigns (seminars and workshops). Green Line took the lead, in 1994-1995, to assess the use and abuse of pesticides in Lebanon . The results...
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