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Yearly Archives: 1999

Processionary Moth

HISTORY: By the end of 1999, and to consolidate national efforts to control the infestation of pine forests by the processionary moth, Green Line designed and produced a scientific brochure to inform the public and municipalities of the infestation and of realistic control measures. PUBLICATIONS: ...
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Moratorium on Hunting

HISTORY: Moratorium on hunting is still in vigor. However compliance and law enforces only seldom crack down on illegal hunting. Green Line led an important counter demonstration to a rally organized by the association of amateurs hunters and the Lebanese hunting rifle traders association in front of the parliament, on October 25, 1999 . AIMS AND OBJECTIVES:
  • Introduction...
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Sustainable Coastal Management in Lebanon

HISTORY: Green Line always believed that the coast is for the Lebanese and not for part of them, hence it raised the issue of coastal management since its establishment in 1991, where suction of the sand from Tyre beach was started. In 1999, the Greek ministry of environment announced the initiation of a new program in which...
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