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School Garden Project

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The project started in 1997, and it included 20 schools then it developed to included almost 120 public and private schools from all over Lebanon, a number of municipalities (Kahhaleh, Baalbeck, Zahle, Abbassiyeh…), local organizations, civil society groups, institutions and ministries (Environment, Agriculture and Education).



* To increase the green areas, by encouraging the practice of agriculture.


The projects involved many activities including:

  • Organizing 10 workshops for the training of more then 300 teachers and representatives of the parental committees in schools, and members of local organizations
  • Establishment of nurseries for trees, vegetables, fruit trees, indoors and outdoors seedlings, flowers, medicine plants, decoration plants in schools and in communities
  • Training about composting, that lead to its implementation by children and teachers in schools
  • The production of 4 environmental educational booklets about the tree, the “how to plant and nurture a tree” and composting. These booklets are called: “Little Green – tree friend”, “Little Green Guide”, “Little Green planting vegetables”, “Green Cook – friend with the environment”
  • The production of 5 posters dealing with the previously mentioned issues
  • The production of a booklet of stories about the environment by school children entitled “Ecofiction by Lebanese Children” as a result of a competition for creativity among school children. All these booklets were distributed for free for the participating schools, municipalities and institutions previously mentioned
  • Organized several reforestation campaigns in different areas of Lebanon upon request
  • Late 2001, the German government started supporting as awareness-raising project for combating desertification in Lebanon . As such, the School Garden committee was contacted to implement a School Nurseries project in collaboration with GTZ and MECTAT. The school garden approach was presented to 33 new schools during a workshop held from February 8-10, 2002
  • This project has in five years of implementation launched and promoted the idea of environmental education in schools. The idea of the school gardens has been adopted by other NGOs and institutions. The school garden committee is currently compiling a comprehensive assessment document of the project.


*  The little green series (Al-akhdar Assaghir) – View our Children Publications

*  Kousas an el biaa: Ecofiction by Lebanese Children – download booklet:

EcoFiction by Lebanese Children