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General Publications

  • Mediterranean sea: Source of Life and Civilization

    Mediterranean sea: Source of Life and Ci

                    Interesting Facts About the Mediterranean Sea. Download pdf leaflet: Med Source of... more...
  • Green Line Promotional Brochure

    Green Line Promotional Brochure

      Preserving the past, conserving the present, and giving the future a better chance is what Green Line all about.... more...
  • Responsible Eco-tourism

    Responsible Eco-tourism

                  Promotional Brochure of how to have a sustainable Eco-tourism in Lebanon  - pdf:... more...
  • Sustainable Transport Brochure (Eng/Ar)

    Sustainable Transport Brochure (Eng/Ar)

                Since early 2001, Green Line and other NGOs have been lobbying members of the... more...
  • Green Spaces Fact Sheet

    Green Spaces Fact Sheet

                    The Lebanese have always sought out a breathing space for them and... more...