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Forest Fires Fighting


The “Towards a Sustainable Mechanism for Forest Fire Fighting in Lebanon ” project was submitted by the AFDC in partnership with Green Line and the Arz Al-Shouf Cedars Society to the EU commission.


Green Line’s component within this project is to be achieved between 2004 and 2005 and includes the following:

  • Collect and analyze data and statistics on forest fires from the different sources
  • Train project staff on data collection
  • Develop a Geographical database
  • Develop a fire risk map at the National level
  • Organize a GIS and remote sensing training
  • Develop a fire risk map
  • Design and develop a website for this project
  • Support a six-month research project on forest fires


Data regarding forest fires were collected from the Civil Defense, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to Assafir newspaper. A user-friendly database on forest fires was designed and built.

Green Line team trained project staff and staff from the Civil Defense on data organization, entry and analysis in May 2004.

Green Line acquired base maps covering the project target areas in addition to satellite photos (Ramlieh, Kornayel, Ras El Matn, Dmit, and Mtein) and is currently integrating the collected data, maps and photos into a geo-referenced database that will be used to assess fire risk on the long and short term.

A web-designer was contracted by Green Line to design and develop a dynamic information website related to the project database and related outputs.

Green Line agreed to support and supervise a six month Research Grant in a field related to the forest fire management.

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