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Circle of Health Project

History & Objectives:

The School Nutrition Project is another form of school awareness similar to the school garden project. It addresses the   same community of teachers, students and their parents to provide    them with the proper knowledge and skills necessary to reach a healthy,             environmental, economically sound nutritional conduct. After the   formation of a well-educated and powerful nucleus, the policy of   nutrition will be tackled at a national level rather then only at the limited school’s level.


  • The project started late 2001, and a hired professional conducted     a survey including around 50 schools (public and private) spread    around the country. The survey assessed the current situation of    the nutritional policy in schools and determined around 15 schools     interested in the project and willing to change their school nutrition   habits.
  • In 2002, a 3-days workshop was attended by twelve instructors                 representing 11 active schools from the 5 Lebanese Districts and    12 Green Line members. The workshop aimed at identifying active  institutions and tutors, starting an active nucleus and setting     the priorities for the coming years. Many topics were covered during     the workshop including food alternatives and their availabilities;   food security, the role of the educators, parents, children, and     governmental written and spoken media.
  • The committee decided to consider the first year a pilot period,     in which coordination of activities, assessment of needs, and the    sharing of experiences between the partner schools is the major  objective.
  • The School Nutrition Committee organized a three-day capacity                     building workshop on the Basic Approaches and Methods in Project                     Planning from September 12-14, 2003 at the Notre Dame du Mont –                     Adma. The School Nutrition committee members, representatives from the Ministry of  Education, in addition to nutritionists attended the workshop which presented  the different principles in policy making with focus on health promotion and  nutrition.

The Committee organized a Training of Trainers (ToT)  workshop for teachers, administrative staffs and parents from 30 new schools on February 20-22, 2004 . The attendees (60 persons)    were trained, by committee members, on the School Nutrition concept   and were encouraged to initiate such a program in their schools.  In addition, educational materials including a booklet (Little Green  Eating Healthy) and a poster (food pyramid) were distributed to the   attendance.


Little Green Eating Healthy – download pdf booklet:

Little Green and healthy food

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