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Category Archives: Green Line in the Media

Quarries determined by ‘politics,’ not environment

05 February 2001 The Daily Star Maha Al-Azar Daily Star staff Quarry licensing is influenced by politics, making it had for regulations           to be applied regardless of owners' political connections, environmental           and industry experts said over the weekend. Allegations of political influence over the controversial industry           were made by numerous...
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L’Orient le Jour: Les problèmes écologiques s’accumulent et les instances concernees lancent un cri d’alarme.

22 January 2001 DEVELOPPEMENT- Les problèmes écologiques s'accumulent et les instances concernees lancent un cri d'alarme. Quelle protection pour les superbes sites au Liban-Sud? Des hectares de forets ont été détruis par le feu des combats, le           sol et le sable voles, les terres fertiles et les belles plages souillées,           les carrières du fait accompli ont défigure plusieurs...
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The Daily Star: South suffers new invasion by quarries

01 July 2000 Reem Haddad , Daily Star staff Just a month after the South was liberated, the ugly sights of quarrying           have already sprung up around several villages. The rich, clean, untouched           sand and rocks have caught the eyes of many profiteers who, it seems,           were granted quarrying licenses by the Interior Ministry almost as           soon...
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