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Solid Wastes Management

Funded By Novib


Green Line’s General Assembly defined the Solid Waste Management issue as priority for the programme due to the increasing problem at the national level and the failure of the government to put in place and implement a national solid waste management scheme. Green Line is currently coordinating and lobbying with more than 70 NGOs against the governmental decision to solve the solid waste problem by creating more landfills. This coalition, which includes environmental activists and other civil society representatives, believes that the government should develop and implement a National Strategy for waste management based on reduction, re-use, recycling and composting of household waste.


A Solid Waste Management committee was initiated at Green Line mainly to support the ongoing lobbying activities; the committee has set priority areas to be targeted by this campaign according to the following activities:

1- Recycling:

Transform Zicco house (eco-cultural house) into a waste friendly facility
Compile and verify list of recycling facilities. The idea is to create and replicable model.

2- Packaging:

Prepare a list of packaging systems & styles that are environmental friendly
Organize a competition on “Environmental packaging”

3- Composting:

Lobby for regulating the production and sale/distribution of compost in the country

4- Special Waste:

Lobby to introduce a system for the separate disposal/recycling of cell phone batteries

5- Awareness:

Design, produce and disseminate an 8-page booklet – Little Green Managing the Solid Waste ( pdf booklet : Little Clean Green ) and a 30-second spots on waste minimization.

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