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History & Achievements:

Ramlet el Baida

Since its establishment Green Line has been active in the field of preserving the Lebanese coast. The coast of Lebanon is around 225 km in length, and 70 percent of the Lebanese population live in this narrow area. This intensive density puts our coast under a heavy pressure, and results in the degradation of it.
However, one of the major problems that the Lebanese coast is suffering from is the privatization of this coast, thus making the access to public beaches very difficult. For example, Beirut , the capital of Lebanon , has only one public beach called the Ramlet El-Baida beach.
In the year 1998, Green Line was able to get a map showing the plans to transfer this beach into a private touristic resort, thus depriving the Citizens of Beirut from their last public beach. After thorough investigation, Green Line discovered that the beach has became a private property to two companies connected in one way or another to one of the powerful political figures in the country. Green Line formed a committee to follow up on this issue. The committee met and put a plan to:

  1. Make the plans of privatizing the beach public as the owners were trying to keep everything secret in order to avoid public pressure
  2. Make the Lebanese more aware of the beauties of their beach, and the different activities that it can be used for.
  3. Try to lobby as much as possible Beiruti NGO’s to pressure the municipality of Beirut to re-buy this beach and transform it again into a public beach.

The committee planned for an environmental day on September 22, 2002 to publicize the plans to privatize this beach by showing the map we received earlier.
This day included many activities for all the family members. It included a play to show that the public beach is going to be privatized, a workshop to teach Street music, a workshop for the children to teach them how to draw, a competition for the nicest sand sculptures, volleyball games, and games for children. On this day, which was attended by the representative to the Prime minister, Green Line gave a speech to show the Lebanese the dangers that are threatening their last public beach. The activity date received good media coverage, and was welcomed much by the public.

After this event the Ramlet El-Baida beach committee started working on lobbying people to pressure the municipality of Beirut and the government to stop any plans to continue in the plans to build a private beach resort in Ramlet El-Baida. Green Line hold tens of meetings with different Beiruti NGO’s in order to prepare for a new public workshop.
The main aim of this workshop was to give a strong message for the private companies that want to deprive the Lebanese from their last public beach that Green Line is continuing its efforts in order to lobby against this plan.
Also, this same message was intended to reach the citizens of Beirut , that Green Line is a serious NGO, and that it will not retreat under any pressure.
Also, a third objective was to get a set of recommendations from the NGOs to back up the campaign. The main recommendation Green Line was looking for was that the Beiruti NGOs are asking their municipality to establish a public beach in Ramlet El-Baida.
The workshop faced huge political pressure to prevent people from attending it, and to a great extent these pressures succeeded; however, the workshop received huge media attention and it was attended by the head of the parliamentary committee for environment.
Also, Green Line took the case to the parliamentary committee for environment.
Finally, the campaign reached a partial success when it was announced that the beach at Ramlet El-Baida will be open for the public, after being rehabilitated and equipped properly for the public. This is a partial success because the public beach is still built on a private land based on a special arrangement with the owning company, thus not making it a permanent public beach.


In its continuous efforts to make the Lebanese more aware about the importance of their public beaches, Green Line is planning to organize a series of environmental, cultural, and sport activities on the public beach of Tyre .
The activities are planned to take place in the second half of August 2004.
The objectives of these days are:

To make the people appreciate the public beaches and their beauties.

  • Give a chance for new artists to expose their talents in a friendly environment.
  • Distribute useful information about how to protect the environment.
  • Expose the beauty of the historical city of Tyre .
  • Highlight the efforts of Tyre municipality in preserving their public beach.

If you believe in the objectives of this campaign, or if you have a talent that you want to expose, or just a person who wants to extend a helping hand, please contact us:

Download pdf brochures – Protect the Beach ( Arabic) :

Protect the Beach – Adults brochure

Protect the Beach – Children brochure


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