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Campaign to Stop Illegal Quarrying


After the civil war, there was a huge construction operation in Lebanon . This operation required huge amounts of quarry byproducts. There were big number of quarries working allover Lebanon . These quarries were not taking any considerations to the environment. In 1994, Green Line started working by gathering information about quarries and how people go around the law.


  • Organize quarry operations in Lebanon
  • Force the government to respect the laws and put land use plan to locate the most suitable areas for quarrying


  • Initiated the Forum for stopping quarries which included many environmental groups
  • Participated in a big demonstration in Anthelias area, which led to the stopping of quarry operations in the area
  • Stopped 3 quarries from working in Jezzine area
  • Stopped a quarry in Ras Nhash. Green Line stopped a quarry in Knat
  • Stopped a quarry in Tekrit
  • Organized a workshop to highlight the different aspects of quarry operations in Lebanon on February 2001. The workshop was held in the order of engineers and Architects and was attended by around 100 persons, from different NGO’s, municipalities, government representatives, and quarry owners.

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