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Campaign for more Green areas in Beirut


The green area per capita in Beirut is 0.8 m2 whereas the ‘healthy norm’ should not be lower than 20 m2/capita. This low greenery level in Beirut is diminishing as the population grows and new buildings rise on the ruins of old smaller ones.

Mid 1998, a group of environmentally and socially active people belonging to NGO’s and the civic society decided to create a body called ‘The Forum for More Green Areas in Beirut’ whose objective was to pursue the transformation of the Hippodrome and the UNRWA area in Verdun into green areas or parks.


  • Increase public awareness towards green areas
  • Transform the Hippodrome and the ex-UNRWA area into green parks


  • A large number of the Lebanese population is aware of the problem via media and internet
  • Production of pamphlets explaining the problem and urging people to sign the accompanying petition, and flyers distributed during the sit-in held in Mar Elias: pdf file : Green Spaces Pamphlet ( Ar)
  • Organization of a public awareness campaign about the matter of green areas and our view for a central park and 2 presentations, one during the school garden project workshop and a second one in the syndicate of press for the media

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