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Monthly Archives: May 2001

From Integrated Crop Management to Organic Farming

HISTORY: In 1993, when the Ministry of Agriculture distributed pesticides to combat Peacock Eye Leaf disease in olives orchids for farmers in North Lebanon , Green Line accompanied this event through awareness campaigns (seminars and workshops). Green Line took the lead, in 1994-1995, to assess the use and abuse of pesticides in Lebanon . The results...
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NI: Reem Haddad reports on an incurable optimist’s campaign for a patch of green

01 May 2001 Reem Haddad -  New Internationalist He could easily have turned away like many others. But   not Salman Abbas. Night after night and hour after hour, the 37-year-old           sits at his computer responding to every one of the roughly 60 international           e-mails he receives each day.  ‘The Lebanese living abroad must know what is...
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