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Monthly Archives: May 1999

Campaign for more Green areas in Beirut

HISTORY: The green area per capita in Beirut is 0.8 m2 whereas the ‘healthy norm' should not be lower than 20 m2/capita. This low greenery level in Beirut is diminishing as the population grows and new buildings rise on the ruins of old smaller ones. Mid 1998, a group of environmentally and socially active people belonging to...
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The Daily Star : A Different Vision

Salman Abbas, Green Line Association for environmental conservation I was outraged when I read the article titled “ Feud rages  over treeless capital ” by Warren Singh-Bartlett. I really  found difficulty in believing what Miss Rola Ajouz was saying. She   told the Daily Star reporter that she “feels terrible” as she “can't  believe [that she] gave...
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